Lawn Signs (also commonly known as Coroplast Signs) are an excellent option for outdoor signage, especially prior to the elections! Also, they are completely waterproof and weather resistant and therefore an excellent choice for outdoor applications.

To ensure our great prices, our signs for elections / politics come in 4 different sizes and they are related to a minimum order quantity:

  • 24" X 16" has a minimum order quantity of 50;
  • 24" X 32"has a minimum order quantity of 50;
  • 48" X 32"has a minimum order quantity of 50;
  • 96" X 48" has no minimum order quantity.

Moreover, please keep in mind that the direction in which Lawn Signs are printed is very important as the coroplast material has flutes in them (i.e. the holes in the middle of the board). If you intend to place stakes into the lawn sign in order to plant them into the ground, you will want to ensure the signs are printed “vertically” so that the flutes are vertical which allows you to insert the stakes into them.

Political / Election Signs

Product Specifications

Subtotal : $ 449.75
Unit Price :$ 9.00
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