You’ve got a burgeoning business, and you’re hitting up the trade shows and events in Winnipeg. You might have a spot at Third and Bird, Manyfest, the Wonderful Wedding Show or any number of other incredible marketing opportunities in the city. You want to stand out in the crowd and entice people to come and look at your business, to purchase the products and services you’ve poured so many hours into. PrintPro can help. With our stunning Pull-Up Banners & stands, your business will be the talk of the show, your name and logo prominently displayed at the event so people know who you are and what you do, at a glance.

Product Specifications

(Min: 1, Max: 99)
(Min: 1, Max: 99)
Subtotal : $277.10
Unit Price :$277.10
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Key Benefits of Roll Up Banners

Most businesses will have some form of Pull-Up Banner stands at a given event, so we work hard to make sure yours gets noticed. We offer design consultations, so we can help you parse our exactly how your banner will look when it’s created, with a focus on information hierarchy and eye-catching graphics. You’ll want to know your business identity - chiefly, the logo and colours you’re going to want to use. We’ll help you incorporate these into an aesthetically pleasing design that works beautifully scaled up to Pull-Up Banner size.


We also offer a variety of specialized modifications to the classic Pull-Up Banner to add a unique edge to your banner design. Typically, these banners have a width of 31.5” and a length of 79.5”, but we can elongate, shorten, widen or narrow your banner as you need in order to perfectly fit any design ideas you have. We can also create beautiful double-sided banners, and with a bit of creativity you can use those to do a lot of different things. You can have a banner that looks the same on both sides, or you can have one side of the banner featuring graphic elements while the other side features a list of your products, or different graphic elements - with your imagination and our expertise, the sky’s the limit!

We supply everything you need to make your Pull-Up Banner stand out; in fact, all the hardware for the banner is included in the price! We’ll do all of the setup, placing your finished banner into the hardware for ease of transportation and use - all you have to do is bring it to the event and stand it up! The materials we use are all incredibly high quality, so you’ll be able to use your Pull-Up Banners again and again. That makes this product an excellent investment for anyone who does the trade show circuit, or those who to attend a lot of events within Winnipeg - your banner becomes a core part of your brand identity, with loyal clients finding you at every event they can by the sight of it.

Our Promise

Here at PrintPro, we believe that your success is our success, so we’ll help you through the entire process of getting a Pull-Up Banner. From the design consultation, to the sizing and printing, to the hardware you need to set it up and tips on inserting and taking out the banner (it’s easy, trust us), we’re here for you. You want clients to know about your incredible business - so do we. Get in touch, and together, we’ll create a memorable Pull-Up Banner that will stand up at events and stand out in your clients’ minds.