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Postcards are a lot of fun. The front is always a nice photograph or piece of art, something that you can put on your fridge. The back is often filled out with a thoughtful note from a loved one or a friend. Postcards are inherently personal. Using the mail to send a message in a world full of instant access, high frequency information - it feels deliberate, thoughtful, kind. You could have typed out a reminder to all your customers about a 10% off deal, or that their next appointment is coming up, and sent it off in an automatic email blast. Instead, you sit down and write a card by hand; that shows care. At PrintPro, we understand how important the extra touches are to a great customer experience, and we practice what we preach. That’s why we offer a wide selection of postcards for our Winnipeg clients to choose from. With over 20 standard postcard sizes and a wide variety of stock, you can put virtually any image on our postcards and have it look stunning.


Business Postcards


Any business can benefit from postcards. You can send them to your clients by mail, showing that you care. You can give them away at trade shows, giving your clients something to remember you by; when your logo is strategically placed on the card, you’ll get great marketing if they get sent off to friends. Tourism companies can of course use postcards to get people excited about Winnipeg; everyone’s seen a postcard montage in movies, and it’s still fun to send mail when you’re out on a long trip today. Postcards are effective because they draw people in with imagery; find a stunning work of art to put on a postcard to play to your theme, and get people reading the back.


Our Postcard Printing Options


Though any Winnipeg business can benefit from postcards, not every business has a graphic designer on hand to make them. We want you to be able to use print media to affect action in your clients; that’s why we offer a free 20 minute design consultation to help put your postcard dreams on paper. Owing to the wide variety of sizes and stocks we have available, if you can dream it, we can print it. Once the design consultation is over, you might find you need additional help creating the right image for your card; we offer graphic design services that can deliver the perfect picture. These postcards might be your first step in creating an overarching brand identity; our brand development team can use their talents to help you get recognized in your field, helping you concoct colour schemes and logos.


Digital printing has brought the printing process into the new millenium; we can use demographic and psychographic profiles to print specific images or messages on postcards to target your ideal client profile. You might have a postcard with 20-somethings celebrating a birthday at your restaurant to target millenials, or one with a couple enjoying a wedding anniversary for Baby Boomers. Those examples just scratch the surface of the customization available with Variable Data Printing (VDP); ask us about our VDP services when you’re getting your postcards printed. Images, text, logos, colours - we can vary almost anything.


Our Promise


The value of what’s physical can’t be understated in the digital age. When you’ve taken time and effort into creating something personalized for each Winnipeg client, they will respond to your effort. We’re committed to providing you with a plethora of printing options, then helping you narrow those options down to exactly what will best serve your business. There’s so much that goes into picking the right postcard: how glossy you want the image to be, how thick you want the cardstock to feel in your client’s hand, where you want your logo positioned, and more. We’ll help you get it all right; when it’s done, you’ll have a postcard you want to stamp and send.

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