Metal is cool. That’s mainly because it’s great at absorbing heat, so when you touch it the heat from your body will transfer into it. It’s also really cool to look at; the way its colour and qualities seem to change depending on the lighting, the way it shimmers, the way it attracts the eye. There’s a reason metal has been used for jewellery for millenia, and it’s not just its durability; after all, you could make a ring out of rock! Metal has the power to attract and fascinate, and these same qualities make it perfect for creating business cards in Winnipeg.


Metallic ink is made out of various metals; bronze, aluminum and copper are all common choices for suspension in the ink. Those metallic particles are reflective, so you get the beautiful sheen of metal on your document without having to literally etch the card in gold. The goal of the metal particles is to add that shine, so while the most common metallic inks you will see are silver and gold, you could ostensibly get a vibrant sheen with any colour. Hot pink, opulent purples, even a psychedelic, opalescent reflective rainbow of colour is possible. This element of your design will be incredibly eye-catching, so it’s important to keep the rest of the design clean and simple so as not to create sensory overload.


When considering the use of metallic ink, it’s important to consider how the stock will affect the final look of the document. Non-coated paper is much more porous than it’s coated counterparts, and this porousness will dampen the effect of metallic ink. In light of this, it’s best to use coated stock in order to magnify the metallic effect. Other technical considerations for metallic ink include the drying time (which is longer than for traditional inks); the printer will also have to ensure that the stock has some amount of rub resistance in order to maintain the lustrous metallic look.


The tricky nature of metallic ink means it can be a bit finicky, and won’t always come out exactly how you envisioned. That makes it a good idea to invest in a proof, especially if you’re doing a fairly large run of documents. Proofs show you exactly what you’ll get when you print the actual run of the document, and they allow you to make modifications if necessary. When you have the time, it’s a good idea to invest in a proof whether you’re using metallic inks or not; they are the best way of guaranteeing your document will look the way you want it to.

The most important thing when printing with metallic inks is to ensure the print shop you’re doing business with is using the best practices for these inks; you want someone who really knows what they’re doing, because these inks are so unusual. A Winnipeg printing company with experience will know about the importance of printing metallic elements right; after all, if they’re printed poorly, it’s the first thing people will see. Metallic inks can really make your documents pop; they’re especially great for logos. If you haven’t tried them out, you should; they’re really cool!