Previously, companies produced postcards using traditional methods that did not easily allow for personalization, last-minute revisions or short runs. By leveraging the latest digital print technology and variable information, companies can speak to each recipient as an “audience of one,” driving response rates and strengthening their brand image. Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a great way to personalize your printed material like brochures, flyers, catalogues etc. It allows you to change information such as names, addresses, phrases and more from print to print. You can also change graphics and images from print to print. We at PrintPro can help you with your variable data printing requirements. Contact our representative and ask how our variable data printing solution can help you.


Our solution uses a personalized communications workflow that draws on variable data composition to create custom postcards. Providing text and graphics relevant to each recipient creates personal “touch points” that allow the postcard to effectively connect with the recipient.

Surprising success, compelling results.

To cite an example, a children’s charity segmented its donor base and developed personal appeals based on the back-ground and affiliation of its supporters. The result was a 35 percent increase in responses and 33 percent increase in net revenue over the previous year’s campaign.