There are all types of locations to advertise in, which can make it difficult to choose where to focus your marketing budget. Many companies decide to go digital, paying for Google and Facebook ads - but these means are expensive and temporary. One route that’s often underestimated is the use of posters. This old-fashioned method still makes an impact. Keep reading to find out why posters are important to spread the word about your business:


They are more affordable than other advertising options

Printing posters is a one-time expense, as opposed to the ongoing fees of digital marketing. Many consumers are fatigued at the sight of digital ads since they’re exposed to them so often - they might feel relieved and intrigued to see a well-designed poster instead. 


They are displayed continually.

nstead of making a social media post that will get buried among a sea of competitors, why not make a poster? The fact that these signs are always visible makes them more cost-effective than other ways of advertising. When customers see something concrete, like a well-designed flyer for advertising, they will perceive it as more trustworthy than an online ad. Posters won’t get thrown in the trash like a flyer, or require ongoing payments like a Google ad


Posters build your brand

When posters showcase your business’s signature colours and logo, it makes it easier for customers to recognize your company. Vibrant posters that utilize cutting-edge graphic design will leave a lasting impression in their minds, and show them that your brand is professional. This is especially important if your company is related to graphic design or art: use the poster as a demonstration of your expertise in the industry.


They’re versatile.

Online ads are limited to certain search inquiries or websites - but this limitation doesn’t exist in the physical world. Posters can be hung up almost anywhere. This allows you to reach a wide customer base. You can target demographics that your business will appeal to by placing your posters selectively.


Posters are eye-catching

Think about all the different locations where you can put posters, like hanging them near stop lights with heavy traffic or by busy crosswalks. With online marketing, you have to compete with dozens of other attention-grabbing ads to hold the reader’s attention. But a poster hung up near a bus stop will have their sole focus. 


Posters demonstrate your brand’s values

Posters don’t have to be a straightforward photo of your brand’s logo and name; get creative with them to set your company apart from your competitors. People who view your ad will appreciate a bit of humour or something unexpected. Make use of an industry-related joke or meme to catch the eyes of a younger audience. Or, make references to well-known movies or shows to attract a more mature client base. 

How you choose to advertise your company is up to you. Does your business need posters printed for your ad campaign? PrintPro offers printing services in Winnipeg. We’ll be happy to meet with you for a design consultation, and once you’ve created the perfect poster, we will print every copy.