As with any effective marketing mix, the power of direct mail continues to play a significant role in the marketing success of a business regardless of their size. In fact, the smaller the business the more significant a role a direct mailer plays in your businesses success. Our team of experts will help you design, print and distribute your mailer. Let us take the stress out of executing a mailer. We will handle everything from start to finish.

At PrintPro, we design, print & distribute so leave all the worries to us and enjoy in increased awareness and growth of your business.

This form of advertising is definitely relevant in 2015!

Consumers today are facing information overload and fatigue from on-line advertisers….How do you get their attention? Direct Mail is the solution.
We’ll let the statistics speak for themselves:
• 95% read their mail the same day it arrives
• 94% will open mail from a company they know
• 89% will open it if it looks interesting
• 79% will respond to a piece with a coupon
• 64% prefer to receive their business communication in the mail


Direct Mail has a very high level of retention and it does not get deleted! In fact, direct mail items get passed on, they sit on coffee tables, get seen on desks and get posted on fridges.

Key Benefits of Direct Mail

• Communicate with an individual on a one-to-one level. It’s you and the customer.
• Mail is engaging. Consumers spend multiple minutes reading direct mail, VERSUS 60-90 seconds online.
• Mail is a tangible form of advertising. You can literally put your product/services in their hands.
• Mail can be targeted to reach very specific audiences almost every individual, household and business can be reached by mail.
• Your targeted customers will NOT have to sift through an envelope filled with mini flyers or peruse through pages in a coupon magazine.

Our Service Offering

– At PrintPro, we design, print & distribute so leave all the worries to us and enjoy in increased awareness and growth of your business.
– A full-color, glossy (or matte), two-sided flyer or post-card will be placed inside of 1,000’s mailboxes per month.
– Campaigns consist of Unaddressed Admail (Unaddressed Mailings to homes/apartments/businesses in a geographic area) or Addressed Admail (Mailings to specified addresses with names printed on the piece)
– Looking for a Mailing List? No Problem. We have the most accurate and detailed database in Winnipeg and in Canada. Our direct marketing team will work with you to identify the correct targeted demographics for your business.
– Our team will help you develop your Addressed Admail campaign to triple your response rates.
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