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Our binding department at PrintPro initially started with book binding and coil binding as the 2 main binding services offered. Over the years, our bindery has expanded to offer comprehensive binding services for products printed by us and for other small and medium sized printing companies in Winnipeg.

Today, our state-of-the-art binding department covers the following services:



Coil Binding – The use of plastic coils (available in multiple colours) to hold pages of a booklet together
Perfect Binding – Use of heat and glue to perfectly fuse multiple pages together (i.e. the binding in a magazine
Saddle Stitch – Industrial grade staples that hold folded pages to create a booklet (i.e. stapled at the spine)
Side Stitch – A bundle of papers that are stapled on the side (i.e. staples are on the front left edge of a booklet)


Numbering – Application of sequential numbers to a print project (Forms, Tickets, etc…)
Folding – Applying folds of various types to a printed paper
Perforation – Applying a non-continuous “tear” to a sheet of paper with a goal of being able to separate it easily
Hole Punching – Placing customized holes in documents to allow them to be placed in binders, etc…
Padding – A stack of papers that are held together with a thin layer of glue that allows for easy separation
Shrink Wrapping – The wrapping of bundles into tightly packed plastic to ensure there is no movement