Social distancing has quickly become the everyday vernacular. As COVID-19 hits hard all around the world, businesses have had to change the way they operate. Now, most organizations have their employees working remotely, and truthfully, it’s not business as usual. As a business, the reality is that even some of your best customers may not be able to spend money as they typically would.

But count this as no loss. You can use this time to strengthen ties with your customers. When the economy finally reopens, you’ll be the partner that stood by during the hard times. Talking to your customers consistently, especially when your competitors have paused, will increase your customer's trust and dependability. At this time though, you need to be very strategic with what you print. This may not be the right time to hand out flyers, but these three printing materials will work well in this lockdown season:

Direct Mail

Given that a very large number of people are working from home for the foreseeable future, this would be a good time to reach a lot of them through direct mail. Your audience has more time to open their mail and read through it. Of course, it’s important that your messages are relevant to what’s happening in the world. As you talk about your products or services, your messaging should demonstrate how your company is providing real solutions in this time of need. You cancheck out how some major companies are giving back in this season. Otherwise, you’re likely to come off as out of touch and irrelevant. Speaking of direct mail, this would be the perfect time to mail booklets and catalogues since people have more time to read through them.

Indoor Prints

If your business is one of the lucky ones to still be open, you will also need social distancing signs and notices. You can choose to have vinyl stickers, banners, or posters displayed around your office, clinic, or store. Using social distancing signs will make both your staff and customers feel safer as they conduct business.  Some uses for indoor signs would be:

·         COVID-19 informational displays

·         Disinfecting Protocols and Safety Guidelines

·         Areas set aside for check-in

·         Procedural changes in common areas

·         Floor and wall signs to mark the recommended six feet of distancing

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs, like banners and posters, will come in very handy during this period.  These types of print materials allow you to communicate messages without coming into physical contact with people. As long as they’re strategically placed, they’ll get the message out loud and clear. You can use outdoor signs to communicate some of the messages below:

·         COVID-19 safety guidelines

·         Disinfecting protocols

·         Changes in hours of operation

·         Banners letting your customers know you are open

·         Designated curbside pickup areas

Even as you continue to keep your customers updated about your products/services, your business can play a major role in preventing the spread of the coronavirus by use of print advertising. The sooner we can curb this virus, the sooner the economy can reopen. It’s in all of our best interests to take part in fighting it by staying safe. If you’re wondering which printing companies in Winnipeg are still open, PrintPro is one of them. We are a reliable printing company, well-equipped to handle your print needs even on short notice.