The modern era has been a rush towards globalization; supply chains consolidate as large chain stores get bigger and bigger, mom and pop shops replaced by Wal-Marts and online retailers. At first, this seemed like a good idea altogether; capitalism at its finest, finding market efficiencies over international borders. There has been a shift in this line of thinking, though; more and more people are trying to shop local, and support small business. The reasons for this shift are interesting, because they’re both practical and ethical.


The ethical reasons for shopping local vary from person to person, but they’re all worth considering. One major concern facing us today is climate change, and shipping internationally produces a lot of carbon because it takes fuel. When you shop local, the products you’re purchasing don’t have to be shipped to you by plane or ship; you can even walk to the store to keep your carbon footprint at a low.


Another reason you might shop locally is to bolster the community where you’re doing your shopping. Small businesses add flair and character to a neighborhood; you’re unlikely to remember a spot because of all the lovely chain stores they have, but a unique restaurant or artisan will keep you coming back. Shopping local also contributes to the local economy; everyone they hire is likely to be from the area, and charitable donations they make will likely be to local charities. The business will also be serving other individuals in the area, and the more people who shop there, the better the business will be; they’ll have the capital to bring in new products, or bring down prices by buying in bulk.


That leads us to some of the practical reasons why you might opt to shop local. One of the biggest reasons is that the people who will serve you are from the same place you are; that means they have a keen understanding of local demographics and trends. This understanding is particularly useful when you’re a business buying from another business; you can leverage the resources other local businesses have at their disposal to get a better understanding of how you should operate in the market. You can brainstorm solutions with other local businesses: cross-promotion, sharing data and other collaborative initiatives are all available to you when you buy local. Local businesses also need your business more; to a large chain, you might just be another customer, but to a small business, you’re a valuable portion of their overall customer base.


There are plenty more reasons why shopping local is worth it to you; it’s easier to understand the supply chain, make ethical decisions, and create better communities. When you need printing done, having your Winnipeg printing company handle the work for you benefits you and your community; you get service tailor-made for the Winnipeg market, and valuable information about what marketing has worked in the past, and your community gets a local business that cares.