The landscapes of our cities have changed drastically over the years. Once dominated by small businesses of various types, you now know you’re entering into a big city through a variety of corporate hallmarks; a Walmart here, a Best Buy there, an Ikea next to an outlet mall. It’s a bit of a strange feeling; a city’s character used to be established mainly by the small businesses in and around it’s core. Despite appearances, small businesses aren’t going away - they’re a major driver of our economy, and doing business with one is a good idea.


The Business Development Bank of Canada has released some fascinating statistics about Canada’s small businesses. 98.2% of Canadian businesses have fewer than 100 employees. Around 70% of the private workforce is employed by a small business; that means jobs for millions of Canadians. Small businesses are a huge driver of job creation, export and growth in the country. When you want to generate wealth for Canadians, it makes sense to buy from small businesses. While that’s all well and good, few consumers make their purchasing decisions on the premise that it’s the best way of creating growth for their country. We want the best products and services we can get. That’s what motivates us to buy.


Fortunately, small businesses are good for the mindful consumer as well. When you’re purchasing from a small business, you can make a relationship with the people who run it. The owner of the business will often be available to discuss concerns with you directly; in an age of customer service bots and faceless interaction, the ability to actually effect change as a consumer is refreshing and empowering. Small businesses are also more likely to need your business, so they’ll treat you like a valuable client, instead of as just a number.


Having something unique - something with a story behind it - it’s a wonderful experience. When you shop at large chains, you can get some interesting items, but shopping at a small business can net you something that’s truly one of a kind. You can talk with the owner, find out what inspired them to make the item or the experience. By learning their story, your purchase becomes personal, and that personality adds value to the item.


Supporting small business is a wise decision if you’re a small business owner yourself! You can create connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. You become a part of a community, and like any good community, it will help you thrive. Even if you don’t own a small business yourself, if you’re invested in the well-being of your neighborhood or your city, it’s a smart idea to shop at local small-businesses.

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