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Saddle Stitch Books Winnipeg

At PrintPro, we are committed to offering a wide selection of printing services for our clients; part of offering a wide selection is making sure our customers stay informed. When you want to create a book or booklet, our Saddle Stitched Books may be right for you. Saddle stitching is a process in which books are bound using wire staples. It’s called saddle stitching because the pages of the book are draped over a device that looks like a saddle, and staples are commonly referred to as “stitching” in the printing world.

There are a number of clients for whom our Saddle Stitched Books might be appropriate. Consider saddle stitching if you:

  • Have a book without too many pages (depending on the thickness of the stock, around 64-72 pages is the cutoff)
  • Have a book with a number of pages that’s a multiple of 4 (including the cover)
  • Don’t need anything written on the spine of the book (saddle stitching produces curved spines)

Saddle Stitching Benefits

Saddle stitching has plenty of advantages. It’s the most cost-effective method of book binding, because the material cost is quite low - usually two staples. The process is also quite simple when you have the know-how, which means the turnaround time to have the binding done is usually pretty short. There’s no real hard limit on the size of book that can be saddle stitched; you can have a 4 page book that would fit into your pocket, a 48 page booklet of research, or a large book filled with maps and high resolution art that span two pages. Our process also allows us to scale saddle stitching very effectively; we can do small or large print runs with ease.

We want to help you create the best book possible; that’s why we offer design consultations. No matter what your book is for, we can help you create an eye-catching layout that will look perfect in print. That might be helping you choose the appropriate colours, it might be figuring out the right image size and placement on the cover. Maybe you don’t have an image to put on the cover yet; our graphic design services can help with that, and help you create images and colour schemes to use throughout your entire document. You might be concerned about postal costs; we’ll make sure your booklet is formatted to whatever Canada Post specifications you need. 

There’s so many incredible uses for booklets, and saddle stitching makes the process of creating them more affordable for everyone. You might be a tourism company, looking to attract visitors to The Legislative Building, The St. Boniface Cathedral, or choice restaurants like Segovia and the White Star Diner. You could be a political activist, looking to inform other citizens about the issues you care about; you can create a powerful booklet to express your views, and mail off information packages to members of your organization. The print has been used throughout history to affect change; the abundance of online information makes receiving a tangible piece of print all the more galvanizing. You might be a medical office, looking to inform patients about issues relevant to Winnipeggers. No matter who you are, if you want to transmit information to people in an effective, striking way, Saddle Stitched Books might be right for you.

Our Promise

We’re here to serve all of your printing needs, so give us a call if you want Saddle Stitched Books; if you feel the service doesn’t suit your needs, give us a call anyway! We have a service that can help with any printing or design need. 


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