Saddle Stitched Books

Booklets are created based on a minimum of 8 pages and go up in 4-page multiples (i.e. 12, 16, 20, 24, etc…) Booklets are usually bound by 2 staples on the spine, called saddle stitched.

Typical uses include (but not limited to) product guides, magazines, catalogues, annual reports, manuals, guides, programs, etc…

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Final Booklet Size (Trimmed & Bound)Quantity FromQuantity ToPrice
8.5" X 11"15000---
8.5" X 5.5"15000---
5" X 7"15000---
4" X 6"15000---

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For saddle stitched booklets, there is a minimum requirement of at least 8 pages. Additional pages must be added in increments of 4 pages at a time.

(Min: 1, Max: 80)

Choose which stock you want for your booklet pages.

How do you want your booklet spine to appear?

If you require some, or all sheets to be detacheable, a vertical perforation can be added 0.5" from the spine for easy removal.