Since the pandemic, many businesses are deciding to take advantage of graphic designs to utilize empty floor space. These adhesives are an eye-catching way to display physical distancing guidelines so that shoppers can remain 2 metres/6 feet apart. In grocery stores, they are used as directional arrows; patrons can see where to enter each isle. It’s also a unique way to encourage cleanliness, like frequent hand-washing, or provide supportive messages. Similarly, they can be used to promote new sales or services, like curbside pickup or free delivery. While these graphics offer certain advantages, some business owners are concerned about whether they can withstand heavy foot traffic or trying conditions, and how long they will last. 


Floor decals can be applied to most surfaces due to their adhesive backing. Better yet, they won’t be so sticky that they damage the floor underneath them. If they are moved after being applied once, they will not stick as well; they are intended for one-time usage. To ensure the durability of your graphic designs, be sure to thoroughly clean the floor before applying the decals - any water, oil, or chemical residue will interfere with the bonding and cause them to peel more easily. Intended for interior use only, these decals will  have their longevity shortened by harsh weather conditions. 


These adhesives make for an effective marketing tool considering how much time people spend looking down at their phones. Floor decals are semi-permanent, and the length of time that they last can vary. Additional coatings and extra thicknesses will provide more durability. If they are applied properly and are well-cared for, floor decals can last between 2-4 years. If you notice that the design is fading or peeling, it can be replaced after 1 year. The longer that a floor graphic remains on a surface, the more difficult it is to remove; you may need to use a cleaning product and a sharp tool to lift it from the floor.


If you are considering adding floor decals to your home or place of work, you may want to factor in the different stressors that could shorten their lifespans. For one, will they be installed on a surface that is frequently washed? These adhesives are water-resistant, but if they are placed in an area that gets wet often, they may peel sooner. Additionally, if they are installed in a space where vehicles are used, the traction from the tires may wear on the design. Finally, consider foot traffic; places like grocery aisles and entrance ways will endure lots of traffic from customers. While this alone will not ruin the decal, it will cause fading over time. Floor graphics can leave a lasting impression, but different conditions can reduce their longevity. 

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