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Your business card needs to do a lot: create a good first impression of your Winnipeg brand, convey essential information to your clients, and stand out in a crowd, all while taking up no more space than a credit card. Here at PrintPro, we pride ourselves on the wide array of business card services we provide our clients in Winnipeg and beyond; whether you want simple and elegant or flashy and bold, we have a variety of materials, design tips and printing techniques to make the perfect card for you.

A Good First Impression

A good first impression starts with knowing yourself and your Winnipeg brand - you need to know what you want to impress upon your clients. Before you get your business cards printed, know what your brand’s colours and logo are; that way, your card can incorporate your brand’s pre-existing design. We offer free design consultations, so once you have an idea how you want your brand to be represented, bring it to us and we’ll show you how to incorporate disparate elements into a clean, elegant business card design. We can make your logo stand out using Raised Spot UV, and we can incorporate your business colours in a subtle way using Painted Edge Cards. Whether you want people to think of your business as a bold, cutting edge startup or a humble home business with big ideas, we can dream up something amazing.

Information Hierarchy

When you want potential clients to get on the phone and call you, they need to understand who you are, what you do, and how to reach you, all within the span of a few seconds. We can help you sort information on your business cards so your client knows the value of getting in touch with you. That might mean using raised font to add a tactile cue when the information is most relevant, it might mean using different coloured font to draw the eye, and it might mean helping you format the information on your card so it’s easy to read and find; no matter what you’re trying to convey, we’ll help you get noticed.

Stand Out in a Winnipeg Crowd

When you want to make a bold first impression on potential clients, PrintPro is the choice for you. We can use a wide variety of different materials on your card to make them stand out in the pack; from Silk Lamination to Foil, our cards will catch the eye of passersby. We never neglect tactile sensation, either; with Extra Thick Business Cards, you know who clients will find first in their wallet, and with Kraft/Natural Cards, your clients will be able to feel how much you care. We’ll make sure you know exactly what you’re going to get when you bring your design to us; we can print a proof so we know you’re satisfied before doing the full run.

Go Beyond Traditional Business Cards

With modern printing, it’s possible to create business cards like never before. Most business cards are generic, in that they’re designed with every client in mind, but why not use Variable Data Printing to create personalized business cards for every demographic you want to target? With PrintPro’s digital printing techniques, the sky’s the limit for personalization. You could even print out a different phone number or e-mail address depending on the demographic, so you can collect data on which call to actions have been most effective for each demographic; - all in the same print run! At PrintPro, we go beyond the traditional; we create effective business print marketing for the digital age.

Call us today, and we’ll get you a business card that stands the test of time.

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