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Flyers are the workhorse of the print industry. They’re versatile, effective and inexpensive. These traits have led to a special place for flyers in our history; from their effect on the American Revolution to promoting local bands today, flyers have been used for centuries to get people to take action. When you want your flyer to stand out, choose PrintPro. We offer over 15 standard sizes for flyers, so you can pick whatever format you think will catch people’s eyes while still paying standard price. 

Flyers are Versatile

Flyers are an extraordinarily diverse type of media; think of all the things you might call flyers. You might see one for an event stapled to a message board at your favorite restaurant, you might get one that tells you about a great offer on computer parts in the mail, or you might pick one up at the grocery store in order to find out what deals are on that week. This diversity makes flyers an appealing option no matter what your business is, or what kind of clients you’re trying to target. They’re easy to post, to hand out or to staple; basically, you can distribute flyers any way you like. They can be printed double-sided, which is extremely helpful when you want information density: something to grab the eye at the front, and information at the back. The information could include a list of products and services, prices, or information about an event or location; anything you want to convey once you’ve got their attention.

Flyers are Effective

In the days of digital overload, print media has a visceral edge. You can touch it, you can hear it, you can appreciate the detail that goes into it, how it’s appearance changes depending on the light. Flyers are no exception to this, and unlike digital media, you have a good idea that it will get people’s attention. There are no ad-blockers in real life; if your flyer looks interesting, people will see it and react. Not everyone knows how to make a compelling flyer, of course, but we can help with that. We offer a free 20 minute design consultation to help bring your dreams to life on paper. You might not be sure how to create a stunning image; our graphic design team can make something that will get noticed. 

Flyers are Inexpensive

Flyers are made out of a light material that’s easy to print on and not costly to obtain; this adds to their versatility, as they can easily be mailed or affixed, and it makes them cheaper to produce. Scaling flyers is easy; we can print out as few as 25 in a run, and we can print out hundreds of times more than that. The ease with which we can change how many flyers are printed in a single run helps reduce their cost. There’s no need to bind a flyer, no hardware necessary to set them up, they can be done in black and white or colour; whatever your price point may be, there’s a flyer print run for you.

Print media has been around for centuries, but innovations in the 21st century have made it more useful than ever before. Using PrintPro’s Variable Data Printing, you can create flyers with variable information, with what appears on each flyer changing depending on demographic data. That way, if you have events in different parts of Winnipeg, you can create flyers promoting a specific event in a specific neighborhood while maintaining the flyer’s aesthetic. You might do a print run with different promotions on the same image, useful if you know you’re going to run similar promotions at several different points in the year. VDP is perfect for anyone with targeted advertising. 

We can also help you direct mail your flyers; we can handle every element of the flyer from design and printing to distribution. PrintPro is your one stop shop for flyer printing in Winnipeg; see what we can do for you. 

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