Customization is good. It helps you connect more deeply with your audience in innumerable ways; you can change how your printing is done based on demographic or psychographic profiles you’ve developed. In another blog post, we discussed variable data printing at length; in short, the only limits to customization in printing are your imagination, and the data that you have available. One of the ways we use variable data printing (VDP) is in our customized short-run packaging.


Short-run packaging is perfect to customize because VDP uses digital printing. Offset printing becomes incredibly expensive when customizing, because the ink needs to be changed for each customization; this quickly becomes prohibitively expensive. Offset printing is less expensive when doing a high-quantity run of exact copies; digital printing is less expensive for short runs, so you might as card card-body customize! You can tell us the dimensions of the packaging you want, and what art and text you want on each, and we’ll print you out perforated sheets that you just need tear and fold in the right spots (we’ll point out where) to make your perfect package.


This service is of particular use for small and medium businesses that have a lot of clients online. When you sell jecard card-bodyery, soap, cosmetics, scents or other small, handcrafted goods, getting a customized short-run print for your boxes is an excellent way of wowing your clients. VDP customization is really incredible, so you could customize based on the type of carousel-item you’re selling, the location of the person you’re selling it to, their gender, age, or other demographic details, or even the time of season. The customization is, in fact, so powerful, you can actually do a different package for each customer if you want to.


Short-run packaging is also extremely valuable for market testing. Sending out the same product to multiple clients, you can evaluate how often and how highly they review the product based on the type of packaging they receive. This can help you select the best package for every client; again, you can even experiment with different packaging within the same demographic, to find out what packaging that particular customer profile seems to prefer. Targeting is essential in marketing, and short-run packaging helps you do just that.

At Print Pro, we make it easy to do short-run packaging in all kinds of shapes and sizes; we choose a durable but flexible material for the package that feels great when handled. We can help you work out the details of your customization, including colour scheme, choice of font and layout; we love design, so we’ll always give feedback when needed or when asked. We can even help you navigate the dates the packaging will need to be sent off if you want it there for a particular day; you might have loyal clients you want to reward with a small gift on their birthday, and we can help you plot it all out. Who knew your Winnipeg printers could do so much? (Of course, we knew, but now you know, you know?)