In the era of social media, it can be tempting to post online about your band’s shows and leave it at that. There’s a couple of disadvantages to this line of thought. The first is that only posting online limits the number of people who will learn about your shows to those following you and those willing to share; that can leave you trapped in a bit of a bubble. The second is that it’s fairly easy to scroll through a million posts that look kind of interesting online; in person, when things are tangible, people are much more likely to take notice of an eye-catching poster. The design you use for your concert poster can be used for your online posts as well, so learning tips for concert posters will help you both digitally and physically.


Type Matters

You’ll want to use sans serif typography, often something with big, bold letters. Sans serifs are easier to read at a glance; serifs are more practical for long documents, where the serif makes things flow more nicely. You won’t want to use more than one or two fonts total for your poster; too many fonts can make things look cluttered and disorganized. Opt to use a larger font to catch the eye; the name of your concert or band is appropriate for this. Use the same font, or a different but similar font, for the information about the time, location and cost of the concert; make sure these details are in a smaller size, so the poster doesn’t look cluttered.

Images Matter

Generally, it’s best to use a single large image to catch attention; too many images, like too many fonts, will clutter your poster. The image that you use should be instantly evocative of the kind of music that the viewer can expect at your show - that is, it should be in sync with your band’s brand. When you don’t have a good idea what that brand looks like, or what images you should use, you can use our consultation and graphic design services to hash out your aesthetic and create something that’s instantly recognizable.

Stock Matters

As a print shop with a wide variety of paper stock available, we know how much stock matters. It can be thin or thick, glossy or matte, all depending on your aesthetic. Matte has the advantage of being less prone to staining from fingerprints and information not being hidden from light glare, but glossy finishes can be a bit more eye-catching. Thicker stock is generally appropriate for posters, so they don’t quickly become battered by the wind and rain; there can be an excellent compromise between thickness and cost.

Customization Matters

You can do a lot with posters that you simply can’t do with online posts. You can use foil lettering to really catch people’s eyes, you can print in unconventional shapes to make people take a second look, and you can even customize the information on your poster to each region you’re posting it. Your imagination is the limit!