Although digital media is here to stay, print hasn’t met its demise. Even with the phenomenal popularity of smart technology, print media still holds an irreplaceable place in marketing: people still read magazines, that business card will undoubtedly strike a more memorable connection than would a twitter handle and still, nothing can replace signs and banners in helping people locate your physical business. This said, the ever-increasing number of information uptake via digital media only means that as a business owner, you cannot entirely replace print with digital media. Digital media has some flaws, and this is where the power of print comes in. Print Pro printing company in Winnipeg are the experts on how to use print effectively in this digital age.  


Use Print to Build Customer Trust


Research by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism found that people grapple with trusting social media news. Another global research study by kantar found that traditional print has proven more resilient in regards to "fake news" accusations than digital content. Given the fake news credited with everything from politics to beauty tips and health advice, it’s easy to understand their mistrust. As a business, this is a gap you should be filling. Your monthly newsletters and annual magazines provide trustworthy resources for your customers and so you shouldn’t ditch them for only social media press releases. Now that you know where most customers look up to when looking for trustworthy information, your printed content should be of high quality. The content should also be specific to your customer’s areas of interest. This is how you win their loyalty with your print publications.


Use Print to Break through Social Media Noise


Digital media has many advantages, but one disadvantage you are most likely aware of is just how easy it is to ignore this noise. Think about the many distractions that appear when you’re consuming digital content - all those notifications, push alerts, remarketing messages, Twitter and Facebook feeds...the list is endless. Customers get rid of these distractions without a second thought. Print, for entrepreneurs, is the signal that breaks through all this noise: It’s harder to discard physical mail because of the power of sensory appeal and perceived value. With print, you can deliver rich, vivid images and in some cases, you can use scent to increase appeal.


Use Print to Place your Brands in your Customer’s Hands


Aside from building trust, print media places your brand in the prospects hands - literally! Marketing research has found that prospects had a greater desire for the product after interacting with physical promotional materials such as brochures and flyers. When you use high-quality and professionally-printed marketing materials, you give prospects a chance to interact with what your brand represents. Otherwise, the prospect may not find your products on TV or on a social media advert. But if they have it in their hands, they are much more likely to remember your brand.


Does this mean you should ditch social media? NO -  digital media is here to stay but so is print media. What this means for you as a business person is that you should use both platforms. As you craft the mobile-friendly website and strategize on how to win on social media, lay down winning print media strategies. Good thing is, Print Pro is here to offer you high quality printing that matches your modern day marketing needs.